About Us.

About Our Photography.

We have been supplying photography for over 30 years and our studio team has worked with multinational companies, publishers, advertising and design agencies. Together with with our combined experience we create outstanding images of food, still life, products and people for advertising, packaging, brochures, books and web.

About Our Training.

It is this experience and expertise which will ensure your studio photography tuition
is tailored to suit you whether a novice, keen amateur or embarking on a career in photography we can develop your studio skills. We can teach you how to set up a
still life and how to use lighting techniques to create different moods and effects.
Product photography requires attention to detail and we can tailor the subject to
your requirements be it demanding items like jewellery and food or a simple tableaux.
In a professional studio environment you will enhance your skills and create images
that you will be proud of.


We also offer a Consultancy Service for 'In House' product photography set ups and training for businesses. We will advise on the best set up for your business, supply recomended eqipment lists, software and IT. We will provide all the on site training for your staff to ensure a sucsessful in house photography studio.

Contact us for more details about our tuition and consultancy service.

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Photography Studio.

Air conditioned, professional photography studio using some of the very best equipment, lighting and large range of backgrounds to choose from.

File Processing and
Retouching techniques.

Enhance your file processing and
retouching skills using Photoshop,
Lightroom and Capture One Pro.